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Olive Oils    

Limited edition premium, handcrafted olive oil gift boxes from the House Of Olive Tree

About Olive Oils

Olive Tree’s range of olive oils comes straight from the tranquil Tuscan seaside. Our pure oils use only the highest quality Italian olives harvested from ordered rows of Frantoio, Leccino and Maulino olive trees, known for their fine oil quality and consistency. Cool, sunny winters and long, hot summers under the Italian sun allow our olives to ripen perfectly, creating rich and luscious olive oils. Our oils are unrefined and made from the first cold pressing of superior quality olives, without the use of heat or chemicals. This ensures that they maintain an acidity level of less than 0.8% and retain all the positive nutritional benefits of the olives, including good cholesterol, natural antioxidants and Vitamin E. Choose from Olive Tree’s selection of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olive Oil for Everyday Cooking, to promote good health and add flavour to a host of dishes. While olive oil has long been considered a staple in Mediterranean cuisine, the heat resistant quality, light flavour and mild aroma of our Olive Oil for Everyday Cooking works also great for everyday Indian dishes!

Our range of single origin ‘Regional’ extra virgin olive oils by Olive Tree originates from across Italy. A range of Monocultivar and Bivarietale extra virgin olive oils exclusively sourced from the producer’s artesian farms and mills.

Monocultivar extra virgin olive oils are made with only a single variety of olive, cold pressed and bottled from the regions of Liguria, Calabria and Sicilia.

Bivarietale extra virgin olive oils are made with two or more varieties of olives, cold pressed and blended together from the regions of Toscano, Puglia & Umbria.

Buy online to enjoy our selection of premium olive oils & single original `Regional` extra virgin olive oil delivered straight to your door in India!

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