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Dolce & Gabbana Designed - Limited Edition Di Martino Pasta Gift Boxes

About Pasta

Pasta enjoys the versatility of occupying a place at two opposite ends of the culinary spectrum – a comforting, wholesome homemade meal on the one hand, and the definition of gourmet decadence on the other. With the right quality pasta, it’s easy for your dish to fulfil both these roles at once. Our range of premium quality Di Martino pasta is IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) certified, which guarantees that it is made from the finest quality, 100% durum wheat flour grown in the Gragnano region of Italy. With the fragrance and distinctive taste of ripe wheat, choose from our diverse range of Di Martino pasta to suit the recipe of your choice. For vegans and those looking for gluten free alternatives to pasta, try Olea Europaea’s range of gnocchi. Made from the finest potatoes and quinoa flour, our gnocchi makes for a healthy main course meal, or even a quick salad. The rich, creamy texture of our gnocchi works perfectly with a light, flavourful sauce with grilled vegetables and herbs. Our Israeli couscous is another great gluten free pasta alternative. This versatile toasted pasta has a low glycemic index and high fibre content, and works perfectly in salads, pilafs and casseroles.

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