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About Flour

Using the right type and quality of flour is the best way to improve the flavour and textures of your baking. Experiment with our range of Olea Europaea® Italian farina (flour) to truly elevate the standard of your baking and bread making.

Olea Europaea® Farina Tipo "00" Di Grano Tenero is soft textured wheat flour with a medium protein percentage. Its tipo “00” grading (also called doppio zero) indicates its fine grind, making it the ideal ingredient in pizza and flat breads like focaccia. It also works great for homemade cakes, muffins, waffles, doughnuts, pancakes, cookies and biscotti. Olea Europaea® Farina Grana Duro Semolina is a hard semolina durum wheat flour with a light yellow colour, granular texture and a typical Mediterranean flavour and aroma. This type of flour is perfect for making fresh breads, pasta and pizza dough. Olea Europaea® Polenta is a gluten free and fibre-rich alternative to wheat flours, and can be used in cakes, biscuits and pastries. This Northern Italian staple lends a sweet flavour and lovely grainy texture to your baking. It also works perfectly as an ingredient in several savoury dishes, like polenta crusted chicken or creamy polenta and mushroom ragout.

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