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Amarena Cherries    

About Amarena Cherries

It’s only fitting that amarena cherries resemble small dark rubies, as they are truly a culinary gem! The amarena cherry is sour and tart, and a great way to add another dimension of flavour to everyday desserts like chocolate cake and crepes. Our Fabbri amarena cherries have been produced in Italy since the turn of the 20th century, and have now achieved iconic status around the globe. The Fabbri cherries in syrup use only the highest quality wild Italian cherries, carefully selected and candied in wild cherry syrup. Try our amarena cherries as a topping over vanilla ice cream, a slice of sponge cake or fresh homemade waffles. The robust flavour of our amarena cherry syrup can also elevate milkshakes, sorbets and classic cocktails like mojitos and caipiroskas.

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