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Olive Oil for Everyday Cooking

A blend of extra virgin olive oil and refined olive oil, with its light flavour, this olive oil is ideal for everyday cooking. Olive Tree olive oil for everyday cooking with its milder aroma and taste is an excellent all-purpose cooking olive oil. Its simpler flavour allows for greater flexibility and can be used to sauté and temper food with just the right mix of flavour and health.

Olive Oil for Everyday Cooking

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Product of Italy  
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Product description

Olive Tree® Everyday Cooking Olive Oil is a natural blend of extra virgin olive oil and naturally extracted refined olive oil, free from any additives or preservatives. Characterized by its mild aroma and flavour, our all-purpose olive oil is ideal for everyday cooking. With a high smoke point of 210°C, it stands up well to higher cooking temperatures while retaining its positive nutritional benefits. The understated flavour of our pure olive oil affords it versatility beyond just Mediterranean cuisine – for instance, try using it to cook your favourite Indian dishes!

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Pairings: Swap out traditional refined oils like sunflower oil for a healthier alternative with Olive Tree® Everyday Cooking Olive Oil. This versatile olive oil works perfectly for recipes that call for higher cooking temperatures, which includes most Indian cuisine. Try using it to cook delicious pakodas, aloo tikkis, kebabs and sweet potato fries. Pastry chefs might like to swap out butter for olive oil to prepare scrumptious treats with a touch of good health like rosemary and lemon olive oil cake and olive oil and honey banana bread.

Ingredients: Olive Oil (Free from Argemone Oil)

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