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Almond Milk    

About Almond Milk

The foundation of Europaea Vegan Farms organic almond milk is mountain spring water from the Lessini Mountains of Northern Italy and organic almonds from Sicily. Organic carob seed flour, an ancient grain, naturally thickens and further enriches our almond milk with natural vitamins and minerals.
Certified Organic by the Italian Institute for Organic Certification, our ingredients are meticulously selected based on their quality and traceability.

With no chemical additives, no emulsifiers or artificial thickeners, our almond milk is a pure, organic and natural product, straight from the heart!

Available in variants: Unsweetened and Original, Europaea Vegan Farms organic almond milk is a rich source of energy - made with almonds that are naturally high in protein, low in fat and packed with natural vitamins and minerals.

Whether you’re lactose intolerant or following a vegan diet, almond milk is the perfect lactose-free, dairy substitute.

Our Unsweetened organic almond milk is naturally sugar free - a nutritious, low calorie beverage.
Our Original organic almond milk is sweetened with organic cane sugar - an unrefined, natural substitute for white sugar.

Enjoy the creamy, nutty flavour of lightly toasted almonds in smoothies, shakes, over cereal, or simply straight up! Almond milk has also emerged as the ideal coffee companion, and works great even when steamed for cappuccinos and lattes. Use almond milk as a substitute for cow’s milk in homemade ice cream, breakfast porridge, French toast, cakes, puddings, and savoury recipes like creamy soups, pasta sauces and bisques.

Buy online to enjoy our selection of organic almond milk, delivered straight to your door in India! Dairy-free almond milk online at Olive Tree Trading India.

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