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  • Farina di Grano Tenero "00"
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Farina di Grano Tenero "00"

Farina di Grano Tenero

Farina di Grano Tenero "00"

Category : Flour
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Farina di Grano Tenero "00" (1 customer reviews)
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Product of Italy  
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Product description

If you’re looking for versatile, all-purpose Italian flour, Olea Europaea® Farina Tipo “00” Di Grano Tenero is your best bet. It’s soft textured wheat flour, with a medium protein percentage and a fine grind (graded tipo 00 or doppio zero). Ground and packaged in Italy to ensure the finest quality product, farina di grano tenero works perfectly for both domestic and professional use. Dough prepared with this soft wheat flour is highly extendable, relatively tough and commonly used to make breads like focaccia, authentic Italian pizza dough and fresh egg pasta. It also works perfectly in cakes, muffins, waffles and cookies.

Buy Olea Europaea® Farina Tipo “00” Di Grano Tenero online and stock your gourmet pantry with the finest products from Olive Tree Trading India!

Pairings: Ideal for a selection of baked goods – including cakes, cookies, biscotti, brioche and tortilla – try using Olea Europaea® Farina Tipo “00” Di Grano Tenero to prepare Italian staples like Pane di Patate (Italian potato bread) and pasta all’uovo (fresh egg pasta) such as ravioli, tagliatelle, lasagne and tortellini. It’s also earned a reputation as the ideal pizza flour for preparing authentic Italian pizza dough from scratch.

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