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About Tofu

Mori-Nu tofu is a healthy, 100% vegetarian product made exclusively from non-genetically modified, natural soy beans. It is rich in antioxidants and protein (containing all eight essential amino acids), free from dairy, lactose, gluten and cholesterol, and low in saturated fats – making tofu a powerhouse of nutrition, especially for vegetarians and vegans. A staple in Chinese and Japanese cuisine, tofu can be used as an alternative to meat, dairy and eggs in most Asian inspired dishes. Choose from our range of Mori-Nu Soymilk Tofu in Lite Firm, Firm and Extra Firm variations to suit your menu and palette. The smooth, creamy texture of the Extra Firm Tofu is also a healthy substitute for paneer. For authentic Japanese style tofu that captures the subtly sweet, delicate flavour of sea minerals, try our Mori-Nu Organic Nigari Tofu. Our natural silken tofu makes for a delicious meal by itself, or when used to pack on vegetable protein in salads, sandwiches, cutlets, spring rolls, dips, sauces and smoothies.
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