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  • Black Truffle Sea Salt
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Black Truffle Sea Salt

Buy Olea Europaea Italian Black Truffle Sea Salt at Coarse Sea Salt from Italy flavoured with black truffle, the perfect balance between salty, earthy and rich flavours.

Black Truffle Sea Salt

Category : Truffles
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Black Truffle Sea Salt (6 customer reviews)
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Product of Italy  
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Product description

Olea Europaea® Black Truffle Sea Salt blends the rich, seductive flavour of genuine black truffles with the aroma of coarse Italian sea salt. The result: a sinfully delicious ingredient that works wonders as a garnish, rub or marinade. With a balance of salty and exquisite earthy mushroom flavours, a small sprinkle of this Italian Black Truffle Sea Salt can infuse even the most ordinary dishes with a distinctive gourmet Italian flair.

Buy Olea Europaea® Black Truffle Sea Salt online and stock your gourmet pantry with the finest products from Olive Tree Trading India!

Pairings: Olea Europaea® Black Truffle Sea Salt is every chef’s perfect secret ingredient, and can spruce up an otherwise ordinary serving of eggs, grilled meats and fish, roasted garden vegetables, pasta, risotto and baked potatoes. The rich, nuanced flavour of this aromatic sea salt also adds the perfect finishing touch to delicious comfort foods like sweet potato chips and butter popcorn.

Storage Instructions: Black truffle sea salt store in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight.

Ingredients: Italian sea salt, lyophilized black truffle 1% (Tuber Aestivum), flavouring.

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